How to keep your boat in tip-top shape

One way of ensuring that you have the best marine experience is ensuring that your boat is at the right shape. When your boat I in the right shape, it can withstand all the harsh conditions in the water as you are having fun. You must ensure that anytime you are getting into the waters with your boat, it is in tip-top shape. This article is about how to keep your boat in tip-top shape:

1. Always clean your boat thoroughly.

Immediately you leave the waters; you should ensure that you have cleaned your boat thoroughly. This is to prepare the boat for the storage. When you are cleaning the boat, begin by removing the bilge drain and then scrub it as you scour the decks. The boat may also be stained, and you must clean all the stains in both the interior and exterior of your boat. The purpose of cleaning your boat is not only to remove all the leftovers in the boat but also to ensure that it is safe for storage.

2. Ensure you take your boat for regular cruises.

When you are using your boat, at times you may not realise when it has some problems or damages. For this reason, you should ensure that when you are off the water, you take your boat for a cruise so that the marine mechanics can check whether your boat has any problem. In case your boat has a problem, they can fix it instantly. This will help your boat to withstand any harsh conditions in the waters.

3. Ensure that you have dried your boat.

When you have finished cleaning your boat, you should also dry all the water in the boat to ensure that you are storing it while dry. You should also keep the boat moisture-free. The reason as to why your boat should be dry is because excess water or moisture in the boat makes it expand, freeze or even reach an extent of getting some damages. To ensure that your boat is in tip-top shape, you must keep it dry at all times when you are not in the water.

4. Replace your boat’s oil.

You should ensure that you have replaced the oil in your boat even if the oil is not bad. This is because once you are in the waters, the oil may be contaminated with either water or acid. For this reason, you must consider replacing the oil in your boat to make sure it is in tip-top position.

5. Wax your boat regularly.

When you want your boat to be in tip-top position, you must wax it. Waxing your boat makes sure that the boat is prevented against corrosion. When you are through with waxing your boat, ensure that you have covered it and then stored it for as long as you want.