In the mechanic industry, for one to reach the heights of their careers, they ought to contemplate between various employment niches available. As long as transportation and shipping needs are required and made available, also different kinds of mechanics are required to check into the inner components of a means of transport and check for malefactions of the engines caused wear and tear. Thorough understanding of each sector, whether auto of marine mechanic will help aspiring mechanics make the right decisions when choosing to go marine or auto.

Auto service mechanics

Their main duties are to inspect, repair and maintain tracks and cars. What an automotive mechanic needs to know is electronic systems and its components; these include engines, drive belts, the transmission system, the steering and most importantly the brakes.

Roles of an auto mechanic

  • Identify mechanical problems using computerized diagnostic tools.
  • Test systems and parts for malfunctions
  •  Maintenance and care of oil, fluid levels and tyres
  •  Repair worn-out parts
  • Disassemble and reassemble systems components
  • To utilize diagnostic tools for the most effective systems  repair and subsequent maintenance
  • Communicate the auto diagnosis and repairs if any to their clients.

Types of auto mechanics

In as much as there are specialized types of auto mechanics, most of them are all-round mechanics. Below are five types of auto mechanics available

  • Automotive air-conditioning – installs and repairs air conditioning parts of an automobile
  • Brake repairs – specialists in all aspects of brake repairs and replacements
  • Front-end mechanics- steering mechanisms, suspension systems, wheels, balancing and alignment.
  •  Transmission mechanics – hydraulics, coupling and other transmission systems
  •  Drivability technicians – fuel transmissions, ignitions, electrical systems and emissions, any component meant to aid in mobility.

Motor boat mechanics

It is said that an engine is an engine, apart from a few differences, which manifest in external components always and in the dist, fuel system, carb or FI, ignition, starters, intakers, alternators etc. To become a motor boat mechanic, you need to have hands-on experience in the marine mechanics and even on the auto mechanic is fundamental.

Roles of a motor boat mechanic

The roles of a motor boat mechanic includes figuring out the  basic theory of the engine which is universal across engines in addition to more technical aspects of motor boats which include rebuilding, troubleshooting of engine problems and repairs due to engine wears and tears.

  •  Repair and inspect engines using hand power tools to diagnose engines with the help of the technical manuals
  •  Test and inspect engines to pinpoint engines shortcomings
  •  Look into steering or propellers technical issues
  • Replace the replaceable components and parts, like bolts, valves, rings etc.
  • Highlight needed boat repairs for the necessary actions to be taken by the client to avoid tragic fatalities.