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There is a thrill that comes with the ability to explore the deep waters, whether for leisure or business. You will often find that most people that find themselves in the water seek the best possible equipment, machinery, and boats to fully enjoy the experience.

Due to our reputation as trusted marine solution providers, we have sold numerous boats. We have showroom boats, demonstrators and boat show display craft. You get to walk through our showrooms looking through the different options we are offering.

During your exploration, you will be able to ask our highly trained and adequately trained staff any questions you have about our products. We are ready to answer all questions about the equipment we have on sale.

At Avante Marine, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the best marine solutions for all your needs. We help you evaluate your needs and put several factors into perspective before offering our professional opinion on what you should buy from us.

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Our primary focus is on giving our customers what they need when they need it at very reasonable terms and conditions. Thus, our services extend from offering quality items to providing good discounts and offers. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should consider us for your marine solutions:

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5 Safety Tips For Construction Works at Heights

Building sites are a dangerous site to be working at, and if you have seen any part of the final destination, you will know that it is more than normal to be scared relentless. However, working at heights while at construction sites and roof access systems can be daunting. There have been a number of falls associated with such working systems but what can one do when the livelihood depends upon working over such systems? Well, you can always have certain safety regulations that can accommodate with your fear to fight.

Climbing safely

The most important safety tip that anyone can offer while working on heights at construction sites is having a safe roof access system. The way that you reach the working site is important, you should have proper attire for climbing, for example elevated work platform hire sydney. Rubber gloves and good grip shoes can be a good start to climbing ladders such that you are safe from falling. Most falls happen while the person is climbing on or off of some equipment which is why one should be extra careful and not jump through obstacles in the stance of saving time.

First aid kits

A thing that could never go wrong is having an updated first aid kit. You never know when you might require a gauze or a painkiller at the heights of a construction system. It is always better to keep the proper medication around just in case someone suffers from an accidental fall or injury.


A grown up is often found laughing at the concepts of installation of railings and fences to guard a certain system from potential accidents and injuries. The reason to such humor is the fact that they think they can handle themselves without such protection. But the thing is people require railings and such protective installments because most accidents happen unexpectedly. Railings on the roof access systems are a great way to prevent such falling incidents.

Fall protection

There certain fall protection devices that can only be installed if you have clearly assessed the roof access systems. These devices include ladders, scaffolds and lifts amongst others. While all of them can be installed to ease the climb, it is better to assess the location that is equipped with the construction site such that the best suitable option can be installed.

Roofing regulation

What most people don’t know about construction sites at heights is the fact that they have certain roofing regulations that are there to protect the people. Roof access systems have roofing regulations that require the works to work under certain parameters for their own safety. It is best that the people can be equipped with such rules and regulations beforehand such that maximum rate of falls and incidents can be avoided. ad incidents can be avoided.

Are boat mechanics different than car mechanics?

In the mechanic industry, for one to reach the heights of their careers, they ought to contemplate between various employment niches available. As long as transportation and shipping needs are required and made available, also different kinds of mechanics are required to check into the inner components of a means of transport and check for malefactions of the engines caused wear and tear. Thorough understanding of each sector, whether auto of marine mechanic will help aspiring mechanics make the right decisions when choosing to go marine or auto.

Auto service mechanics

Their main duties are to inspect, repair and maintain tracks and cars. What an automotive mechanic needs to know is electronic systems and its components; these include engines, drive belts, the transmission system, the steering and most importantly the brakes.

Roles of an auto mechanic

  • Identify mechanical problems using computerized diagnostic tools.
  • Test systems and parts for malfunctions
  •  Maintenance and care of oil, fluid levels and tyres
  •  Repair worn-out parts
  • Disassemble and reassemble systems components
  • To utilize diagnostic tools for the most effective systems  repair and subsequent maintenance
  • Communicate the auto diagnosis and repairs if any to their clients.

Types of auto mechanics

In as much as there are specialized types of auto mechanics, most of them are all-round mechanics. Below are five types of auto mechanics available

  • Automotive air-conditioning – installs and repairs air conditioning parts of an automobile
  • Brake repairs – specialists in all aspects of brake repairs and replacements
  • Front-end mechanics- steering mechanisms, suspension systems, wheels, balancing and alignment.
  •  Transmission mechanics – hydraulics, coupling and other transmission systems
  •  Drivability technicians – fuel transmissions, ignitions, electrical systems and emissions, any component meant to aid in mobility.

Motor boat mechanics

It is said that an engine is an engine, apart from a few differences, which manifest in external components always and in the dist, fuel system, carb or FI, ignition, starters, intakers, alternators etc. To become a motor boat mechanic, you need to have hands-on experience in the marine mechanics and even on the auto mechanic is fundamental.

Roles of a motor boat mechanic

The roles of a motor boat mechanic includes figuring out the  basic theory of the engine which is universal across engines in addition to more technical aspects of motor boats which include rebuilding, troubleshooting of engine problems and repairs due to engine wears and tears.

  •  Repair and inspect engines using hand power tools to diagnose engines with the help of the technical manuals
  •  Test and inspect engines to pinpoint engines shortcomings
  •  Look into steering or propellers technical issues
  • Replace the replaceable components and parts, like bolts, valves, rings etc.
  • Highlight needed boat repairs for the necessary actions to be taken by the client to avoid tragic fatalities.

Our customer service is impeccable as we pride ourselves in ultimate customer satisfaction. We invest our time in listening to your needs and working to provide a personalised solution. As we have professionals that have extensive knowledge of marine life, we do our best to guide you through your purchase journey.

We believe in your right to choose the brand and type of item you want. As such, we have diverse brand options for everything you want to buy from us.

The equipment & Our prices

The equipment we stock is not only efficient, but it is also useful. We give you the best possible offers on items that are from trusted brands. That way, you can trust what we sell to you.

Our prices are affordable and competitive. We give you the best deals on the best items across different budget ranges.

When you order your boats from use, we ensure that we deliver it to you within the shortest time-frame. This is so you might be able to take it out on the water at your earliest convenience.
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enthusiastic about receiving new stock,

We are ever enthusiastic about receiving new stock, that is why we replace what is sold and have regular clearance sales that offer incredible discounts. The enormous number of sales that we have is a clear indication of our ability to deliver quality material that can be trusted to deliver.

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